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Member Listing for Troopers Casper, Wyoming
Active Junior Corps (World Class) founded in 1957 Did you march Troopers?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
ahram, danya Color Guard2005
Bailey, Trevor Brass2003 to 2006
Beerman, Jon Soprano1983 to 1984
Beraun, Sergio Mellophone2003
Blair, Joshua Mellophone2002
Boden, Kenneth Soprano1982
Boyce, Jonathan Bassline(auditioning)2004
Boyce, Jonathan bassline2004
Bradford, Scott Baritone1998 to 2001
Brown, Erik Soprano2000
Brown, Robyn Guard1984
Carlson, Chris snare2003
Claussen, Mikahla colorguard2003
Coppinger, Jonathan Snare2007 to 2011
Crocker, Greg Soprano1989 to 1990
Cross, Megan Baritone2005; 2007 to 2008
Cuglietta, Ethan Trumpet2007 to 2009
Davenport, Paul Baritone2007 to 2009
Deisher, Kevin Soprano1981
Delohery, Amy Soprano1980 to 1981
Dillavou, Phil Contra2004
doherty, mike soprano1972 to 1975
Doogan, Tom Percussion1982
Eagle, Wes Contra1999
Fairchild, Allyson Colorguard2003 to 2008
Fairchild, Allyson Rifle/Colorguard2003 to 2005; 2007 to 2008
Feuerborn, David Baritone2005
Feuerborn, Lory Colorgaurd2005 to 2012
Feuerborn, Mark Contra2004 to 2005
Fiedler, Shannon Drum Line1990 to 1992
Fiedler (Smith), Kellie Colorguard1989 to 1992
Fleenor, Clinton Percussion1983
Foley, Kristina Soprano2002 to 2004
Fouse, Courtney Color Guard2005
Freelend, Mike Mellophone2004 to 2005
Gilbert, Chuck Brass1989 to 1990
Gough, Michael Soprano/Drum Major2000 to 2003
Gough, Michael Soprano2001 to 2002
Drum Major2003 to 2004
America's Core (Documentary)2007
Hell Bent For Victory (Documentary)2009
Greenwald, John M percussion1976
Grissom, Chris Colorguard2000
Grissom, Chris Colorguard2000
Guldin, Justene Mellophone2005
hawley, spencer color guard (flag)2002
Hawley, Spencer Color Gaurd2002
Hersh, Justine Baritone2003
Hill, Samuel Soprano2005
Holden III, Charles Baritone2002
Holtz, Erin Mellophone2004 to 2005
Jankowski, Debbie Flag Line1981
Johnson, Tamara Color Guard2005
Jones, David Brass Tech1999 to 2000
Kawai, Daigo Mellophone2003
Kimsey, Amy Mellophone1984
Marching Tech1985
Koehn, Eli ContraBass2002 to 2003
Koehn, Eli Contrabass2002 to 2005
Labrosse, Charlotte Contra Bass1995
Leitzel, Alex Mellophone2003
Lennox, Christopher Bass Tech2009
lewis, rufus timpani1980 to 1981
Lippincott, Matthew Battery (snare)1999
Lynge, Brandon Pit Percussion2003
MacKenzie, Yvette Mellophone2005
Madonia, Jimmy Front Ensemble2005
MAYEUX, RANDY Baritone2002
McDonald, Steve Pit1985 to 1987
McLarty, Jerry Baritone2007
Merchant, Wil Trumpet/Soprano2012
Murphy, Mat Hornline/Contrabass1998 to 2003
Neely, Jen mellophone2004
Oneyear, Kari Color Guard1983
Pack, Connor Brass (Trumpet/Soprano)2010 to 2012
Paddie, John Bass Drum2008
Perkins, Daniel Drum Major1997 to 2002
Petropavlovskikh, Anastasia colorguard2004 to 2007
Poste, Mike Cymbal Line2001
Prescott, Kayla Guard2003
Pyburn, Ariana Baritone2007
Rayas, Jimmy baritone/soprano2003 to 2006
Rayas, Jimmy brass2003 to 2006
riehl, tim contra2004 to 2005
Ryals, Lauren Front Ensemble2002 to 2005
Sampson-Davis, Kobina Trumpets2015
Sanchez, Michael Color Guard1995; 1998
Shortall, Mike Drumline2007
Shreeman, Ryan Brass2005 to 2007
Specht, Genny color guard1995 to 1996
Srubar, Karl Bass line2002
Bass line (Auditioning)2005
Sturm, Eileen Guard1986
Suzuki, Kenta cymbals2004
Thiem, Vicki soprano2004 to 2005; 2007 to 2008
Tonnies, Teresa rifle line1977
Trader, Kyle Soprano2004 to 2005
Underwood, Megan Guard-Flag 2003 to 2010
Uzick, Matt Trumpet2010
Villarreal, Samuel Color Guard1996; 1998
Waits, Gary Drumline (cymbals)1980
Drumline (Large Bass Drum)1981 to 1983
Watson, Scott Front Ensemble2004 to 2005
Williams, Justine mellophone2005
Williams, Tim Tenors/Quads2003 to 2008
Wilson, Tristian Brass/Soprano2000 to 2005
Wiselogel, Dieter Baritone/Euphonium/Contrabass2003 to 2008
Woods, Josiah Soprano 2008
Young, Mike Baritone2004 to 2005

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