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Member Listing for Bushwackers Princeton, NJ
Active Senior Corps founded in 1981 Did you march Bushwackers?
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Member Name Section Years Involved
Bauer, Matthew Front Ensemble2008
Bermudez, Jessica Colorguard2005
Bermudez, Jessica Color Guard2005
CHEZ, ALAN soprano / soloist1985
drill design1986
brass staff2002
Cohen, Joshua Baritone and Soprano2000 to 2005
Cooper, Ruth Ann Color Guard1983
Daley, Clyde soprano2002 to 2004
DiDato, Stephen Baritone2002
Dougherty, Karen Mellophones1982
Esposito, Vincent Mellophone1997 to 2006
Falcon, Eddy melophone2004
Fallon, Carol Ann Lead Soprano1992 to 1994
Francis, Ed Baritone2005
Givens, Fred drums1986
Glennon, Sean Contra1994
Gonzalez, Alfredo Hornline1999
Harris, Jonathan Contra1996 to 1997
Hayhurst, Dan Cymbals2014
Healion, Carol guard1996 to 1999
Hedden, Gene Snare Line1983 to 1989
Heimbecker, Justin Lead Baritone2002
Jones, Doug pit1984; 1986 to 1990
Karol, Skippy Soprano1982 to 1983; 1988
Kelley, Josh Cymbals2000
Snare2001 to 2003
Kilian, Chris Assistant Drum Major1996
Drum Major1999 to 2003
Brass Staff2004
Brass Staff / Drum Major2005
Kochan, Ted Tenors/Pit2000
Kozol, Jeff Percussion1990 to 1991
Krywinski, Bruce Trumpet2007 to 2009
Lewis, Derrick snare1998 to 2004; 2006
Linton, David brass1986 to 1988; 1990 to 1994
staff1995 to 1997
asst. drum major1999
Mac Vicar, Simon snare2001 to 2002
Manfra, Hank Baritone1993 to 1994; 1996 to 1997; 1999 to 2000
Contra/Visual Staff2001
Marshman, Scott Color Guard1982 to 1983; 1986; 1988; 1993 to 1997; 2003 to 2005
McPherson, Jay Contra1994 to 1995
McReady, Sean Cymbals1996
Bush Bass1997; 1999
Bush Bass, Percussion Staff2000 to 2002
Cymbals, Percussion Staff2003
Cymbals, Percussion Staff2006
Mello, Jason Snare2000 to 2003
Meyette, Chuck Contra1994; 2000 to 2002
Mignemi, Chris Baritone2005
O'Shea, Trish Color Guard/Staff1996 to 1999
Park, Bo Public Relations/Social Media2013
Phillips, John Bass Line1995
Phillips, Phil (Papa John) Bass Line1995
Roland, Christopher Guard2006
runde, jonathan baritone1992 to 1993; 1995 to 2001
Sagurton, Jeff Quads2014
Sgammato, Judy Color Guard1983
Shannon, Dyan pit2002
Short, Jim Mellophone1996
Sowinski, Jean Front Ensemble2008
Thatcher, Rob Tenors1993 to 1995; 2005
Percussion Staff2006 to 2007
Willms, Tom Drum Major1993 to 1994; 2004
Woskolub, Craig color guard1995 to 1996

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