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Member Listing for Americanos Menasha, WI
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1936 Did you march Americanos?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: S.A.L. Squadron 38
Member Name Section Years Involved
Ahlers, Jacqueline French Horn / Flugal Horn1980 to 1982
Ambrose, J. Adam Pit2004
Basten, Jon Mellophone/soprano1980 to 1981
Brass Caption/Trumpet2010 to 2011
Baumann, Walter Cymbal Line2002
Pit2003 to 2004
Blank, Nick pit, bass2001 to 2002
Bonslater, Bobby Soprano2004
Brown, Jennifer Color Guard1996
Brown, Kat Soprano2001
burk, tim front line1998 to 2000
Carstensen, Bryan Baritone2001
Carstensen, Bryan Hornline--Baritone2001 to 2003
Cooper, Shea Soprano, Mellophone1992 to 1994
Daniele, Nick Bass2004
Estep, Dawn Soprano2000
Hoolsema, Matt Soprano2001 to 2003
Hoolsema, Matt Soprano2001 to 2002
Humes, Scott Brass2002
Ingmundson, Eric Soprano 1969 to 1976
Kangas, Gabe Soprano1999
Kelly, April CG1996
Klawitter, Mike Percussion-keyboards1980 to 1981
Percussion Instructor1986 to 1987; 1993 to 1995
Program Coordinator1996
Kogan, Lea Guard1999
Locke, Brandon Baritone2001 to 2002
Locke, Brandon Baritone2001 to 2002
Loos, Brian Sop.2004 to 2005
Loverude, Woody Guard2000
Low- Underwood, Amanda Snare/Front Ensemble1996
Maas, Jill Drum line ( Cymbals)1994
maddox, cassidy percussion1996
Markel, Amanda Baritone1999 to 2000
McGehee, Michael guard1996
McGill, Lauren Pit2003
McGill, Lauren Pit2003
McKenna, Michael Tenors2001
McKeown, Phillip Bass Line1996 to 1997
Melson, Drake Bassline2003
Mielke, Dave Baritone1975 to 1976; 1979 to 1980; 1982
Milanov, Robert Contra1996 to 1997
Milanov(Goof), Rob(Goof) Contra1996 to 1997
Miller, Eric Soprano1997 to 1998
Mooney, Chris Soprano1998
Morales, Brian Pit2004
Nelson, Dave soprano2000 to 2003
Otto, Emily Color guard1997 to 1998
Pearson, Hilary pit2003 to 2004
Peters, Dave Bass Drum1997 to 1998
Petrie, Bryon Percussion1980 to 1982
Presley, Scott baritone1991
Proulx, Maxime Snare line2003
Quigley, John Mellophone1978 to 1981
Brass Staff1989
Redfield, Jason mellophone2002
Rooney, Tim Front Ensemble2001 to 2002
Sagar, Carl Pit2004
Schneide, Cliff Soprano1973 to 1976
Shannon, Derrick Bass2004
Shannon, Derrick Bass2004
Sierra, Martin "Muff" Contra1997 to 1998
Stevenson, Rob Drumline-Tenors1998
Thede, Tara Percussion1984 to 1986; 1990 to 1994
VanderPas, Tony Hornline (Baritone)1994 to 1995

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