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Member Listing for Revolution San Antonio, TX
Active Junior Corps (Open Class) founded in 1999 Did you march Revolution?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Member Name Section Years Involved
Abernathy, Sarah-Elizabeth contra2003
Bailey, William Trumpet2007
Beavers, Robert Baritone2000 to 2001
Benford, Cathy Administration2003 to 2004
Borden, Kris Soprano2005
Bowsher, Creighton Drill Design2001 to 2003
Brooker-Key, Bruce Front Ensemble2001
Buxton, James staff2005 to 2006
Cano, Jesse Soprano2004
Castaneda, Adam Baritone2008 to 2009
Caudle, Sarah Mellophone2005
Eby, Joseph Mellophone2010
Edel, Jake tuba2005 to 2008
Espinosa, Bryan colorguard2002
Ewing, Janelle staff2002 to 2003
Fisk, Travis Soprano2001
Flores, Robert Lead Soprano2003
Flynn, Philip Contrabass2002
Garber, Ken Tenors2005
Garza, Jose Colorguard2010
Glasscock, Andrew Mellophone2004
guerra, eloy colorguard2005
Haak, Daniel Baritone2004
Haffner, Arnold Drumline (Bassline)2000 to 2002
Highlander, Tammy colorguard2002
Holland, Raymond baritone2001
Honn, Brad Soprano2007
hunt, mike flugelhorn1985 to 2000
Janicek, Chad Drumline (snare)2002
Jungmann, John Drumline ( Tenors )2002
Kuzma, GM Administrative Staff2002
Director2005 to 2006
Lane, Bobby Buick2002
Manchac, Marshall cymbals 2001
Manchac, Marshall cymbal line2001
manchac, marshall drumline 2001
Mandes, Katie colorguard2001 to 2002
Martinez, Adrian Contrabass2001
Martinez, Jose Soprano2002
Martinez, Sonny Drum Major2002 to 2003
Mata, Clarissa Mellophone2002 to 2003
Matta, Christina Mellophone2005; 2007
McAdams, Ronald Color Guard2001
Mooney, Clif Soprano2003
Morgan, Evan Percussion Viz Tech2002
Tour Manager2003
Parker, Katie mellophone2001
Patlan, Charles Lead Baritone2003
Phillips, Einar Sopranos2002
PLUMBLEY*, *NEIL Color Guard2002
Rangel, Denise (Kneci) Colorguard2001 to 2002
Reyes, Daniel Adrian Snare2005 to 2006
Richard, Kristen "KK" Mellophone2003
Robertson, John Mellophone2000
Drum Major2001
Rodriguez, Jacob Baritone2012
Sanchez, Matthew snareline2004
Serna, Jonathan Mellophone2007
Shasteen, Brandon Euphonium2001 to 2005
Silva, Carrington soprano2002
soliz, justin Euphonium2002 to 2003
Trevino, Marissa guard2001
Vallejo, Juan Marimba2012
Vega, Sebastian Drum Major2012
Wiethorn, Tyler Front Ensemble2002
wigley, shane bugle/trumpet2006 to 2007
Wilson, Shauna Colorguard2001
Wilson, Shauna Mae Colorguard2001

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