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Member Listing for Spartans Nashua, NH
Active Junior Corps (Open Class) founded in 1955 Did you march Spartans?
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Other names: Milford Spartans
homepage: http://www.spartansdbc.org/
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spartans_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Acosta, Allan Mellophone2003
Banker, Tom Battery2008
Barsano, Mike Contra2002 to 2005
Staff2006 to 2007
Beemer, Thom Drumline - Bassline2001
Beemer, Thom Bassline2001 to 2003
Breen, Todd snare(1990-1991) percussion staff(1992)1990 to 1992
Brooks, Matthew Soprano2001 to 2002
Bryson, Joseph Baritone2003; 2005
Casimiro, Alex Snareline2004
chouinard, kayla soprano2004 to 2005
Coffey, Derek Drum-line (tenors)2002
Correia, Christopher Battery/Staff1995 to 2001
Dufault, Shannon ColorGuard1997 to 2002
Dutile, Cassandra (Spud) Front Ensemble2000 to 2005
Eaglin, Jarret sop1999 to 2002
Eastman, Merle Baritone/Bass Baritone1962 to 1965; 1968
Eastman, Merle Soprano1962
Baritone/Bass Baritone1963 to 1965
Bass Baritone1968
Everson, John Euphonium2008
Floro, Timothy Front Ensemble (Auditioning)2005
Fortier, Andrew Contra2005 to 2006
Fortier, James Baritone2006 to 2007
Drum Major2010 to 2012
Gilchrist, Kelly Guard1990 to 1996
Gilchrist, Kevin Drum Line 1993 to 1999
Girouard, Evan Drumline/Pit2002
Gissiner, Peter Contra2005
Godin, Jason Pit1991 to 1993
Gramazio, John Pit/Colorguard1995 to 1997
Gregoire, Rick Drum Line1995
gregoire, Rick bass line1995 to 1996
Grelle, Frank Instructor1993
Higgins, Stephen Mellophone2005
Higgins, Stephen Mellophone2005
Hoover, Jim Front Ensemble1989
Front Ensemble Arranger & Instructor1990 to 1991
Front Ensemble Tech2000
Ingalls, Susan Baritone2005
lund, josh baritone2007
Macuga, Dave Baritone2004 to 2005
Mamalis, Brad Soprano2000 to 2002
Marinilli, Joe Trumpet2010
Martins, Brian Contra1996 to 1998
Martins, Brian Contra1996 to 1998
McCullock, Brian Contra2005 to 2007
Montesion, Anthony Baritone2002 to 2006
Visual Staff2007
Newman, Michael A. Front Ensemble1989 to 1992
Norato, Jon (Miami) Mellophone2005 to 2006
O'Leary, Ryan Soprano2001
Patrick, Dustin Snare2002 to 2003
pellerin, derek Front Ensemble Timpani AgeOut2008
Piantaggini, Lance Snare2001 to 2004
Poster, Eric Baritone2003
rheault, joseph Horns1970 to 1971
Sargent, Heather Tenors 1983 to 1985
Scott, Joshua Tenors2005 to 2006
Snow, Jason Contra1997 to 2002
Veale, Keith Cymbals2005
Bassline, Age Out2006
Staff - Cymbals/Drumline2011
Weichel, Donnie Snare2001 to 2005
Whelehan, Jessica Baritone1997 to 1998; 2002
Willemain, Nathan Baritone2004

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