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Member Listing for Capital Sound Madison, WI
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1995 Did you march Capital Sound?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: merger of Madison Junior Scouts and the CapitolAires
homepage: http://www.capsound.org
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitolaires_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Bitter, Kelly horn line1999 to 2000
Blom, Becky Color Guard1995 to 2003
Brace, Kenton Mellophone2001
Cook, Megan Baritone; Colorguard1997; 1999
Cramlet, Nikki Soprano1999 to 2002
Davenport, Lillian Horn Line - 1st Mellophone1995 to 1996
Dibblee, Steve "Woogie/Nubs" Tenors2002
Dittrich, Andy Pit1999
Snare 2000 to 2003
Dobbins, Marty Tenors2004
Dobbins, Marty Tenor Section Leader2004 to 2006
Dobbins, Marty Tenor Section Leader2004 to 2005
Drury, Tom Baritone1999
Contra2000 to 2002
Gilman, Larry Brass staff2007
Guy, Amanda Colorguard2002 to 2003
Jaeckel, Bryan Mellophone1995 to 1997
Jaeckel, Dave Food Director1997 to 2020
Jarosz, Amber guard1997 to 2002
Jones, Melanie Frontline2001 to 2003; 2006 to 2007
King, Adam D. Mellophone/Soprano1998 to 1999
kogan, nikki guard 1997 to 1998
Koseck, Angela Brass1995
Longfield, Heather Colorguard1999 to 2001
Lorenz, Elizabeth Battery (bass 2)2003
McDermott, Josh Cymbals2000 to 2007
Melcher, Austin Pit2003
Miller, Kenneth Baritone1995 to 2001
O'Brien, Elizabeth Mellophone2004 to 2007
O'Shields, Elizabeth Baritone1997 to 1999
Otto, Emily Color guard2003
Staff2004 to 2006
Rabbitt, Emilie Colorguard2002
Reitenbach, Neil Snareline2001 to 2003
Rice, Matt Tenors2002
Ritacco, Dan brass instructor / mello tech1996 to 2003
Rodriguez, Joe Baritone1999 to 2005
Schumann, Chuck Mellophone2003
Smith, Kim cymbals2003
Soules, Becky Contra2002 to 2003; 2005 to 2007
Soules, Becky Contra2002 to 2003; 2005 to 2007
Soules, Theresa Baritone2002
Assistant Drum Major2003
Drum Major2004 to 2007
Wendt, Christopher Baritone1998 to 2001
Wood, Steve Visual Tech2004
Young, Shaylee baritone2005 to 2006

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