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Member Listing for Sunrisers Rockland County, NY
Active Senior Corps founded in 1954 Did you march Sunrisers?
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Other names: Long Island Sunrisers
homepage: http://www.sunrisers.com
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunrisers_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps
Member Name Section Years Involved
Aldrich/Thorpe, William Percussion1985 to 1988
Austin/Schaffer/Fallon, Carol Ann Soprano1973 to 1977
Bausum, Bob Brass1987
Boroden, Joe Snare1974 to 1983
Brown, Sandra Colorguard1979 to 1980
Cabrera, Dania Colorguard/Drill Staff1977 to 1984
Carbonell, Larry Brass Caption Head2002 to 2004
Show Consultant2005 to 2006
Case, Joshua Baritone/Euphonium2008
Chin, Jason Mellophone1981; 2006 to 2007
Cicchino, Patty mellophone; administration1990 to 2003
Clougher, John Sop, Fhorn, Drumline1980 to 2007
Cohen, Joshua Baritone1998 to 1999
Colon, Brian Baritone1990 to 1991
Dailey, Gary Brass instructor1983
Daunt, Paul F.H.1977 to 1978
Dougherty, Karen Mellophones1979
Dressler, Andrew Snare2006
Dumond, Philip PR Director/M&M Instructor1978 to 1980
Duncan, Bill Mellophone1976
Esquivel, Carlos Hornline1992
Fallon, Ray Baritone/Brass Instructor1975 to 1977
Floro, Timothy Front Ensemble (Mallets)2004 to 2005
Ford, Wayne percussion1976
Giampa, Frank color guard1980 to 1984
gourlay, billy drum line1968 to 1973
Grady, Sean Baritone2006
Grigg, Chuck Drumline1985 to 1991
Haring, Fran French horn1977 to 1982
Hazelwood, Glen baritone2003
percussion staff2004
Hedling, Meiko Mellophone2007
Hedling, Paul Soprano1969 to 1971
Lea, George Instructional Staff1997 to 1999
Lopez, Emma Front Ensemble2011 to 2014
MacIntyre, Scott Mellophone1990 to 1992; 1994 to 1998
Mackiewicz, Dawn Marie Baritone1993 to 1996
Mignemi, Chris Mellophone1994
Soprano1995 to 1996
Baritone1997 to 2000
Visual staff2004
Miller, Terri Colorguard/Pit1992 to 1998
morris, james Snare drummer1966 to 1967
Newman, Bob drum line snare1954 to 1957
Oatman, Geoffrey baritone1976 to 1978
OConnell, Brian French Horn; Soprano1964 to 1973
Olochwoszcz, Gabriel Baritone2005
Parisi, Anthony Soprano1998
Ponzo, Frank Soprano1982 to 1983; 1985 to 1989
Ramos, Luis 2nd Bari1987
Randazzo, Lou Soprano2002
Read, Dana Soprano1985
schwab, john mellophone1966 to 1970
Schwartz, Bob Brass & Brass staff1968 to 1983
Seaman, Doreen soprano1986 to 1989
Sederquist, Howard Webmaster1998 to 2005
Sitler, Joe Baritone1991 to 1992; 1994 to 1997
Spigarolo, Elliott brass2000 to 2005
Stevens, Laura Michele' Soprano/Mellophone1994 to 1998
Tejada, Josiel Tuba/Contra2014
Thorpe, William Drumline/Hornline1985 to 1989
Thorpe, William Brass1989
Thorpe, William Front Ensemble1985 to 1987
Soprano Horn1989
Van Deusen, Neal Bass Baritone1977 to 1981
Ventrice, Brieana trumpet2012
Vincoli, Matt Mellophone2006 to 2007
Voltaggio, Frank Horn1977 to 1979
White, Tony Asst, DM/Guard Capt.1975 to 1976
Support Staff1977 to 1978
Honor Guard/Asst. "Uncle Nick"1979
Drum Major1980 to 1985
Willms, Tom Mellophone1991 to 1992
Drum Major1995 to 1998; 2003
Zappalorti, Laura Michele Soprano/Mellophone1994 to 1998

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