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Member Listing for Westshoremen Harrisburg, PA
Inactive Senior Corps founded in 1946 Did you march Westshoremen?
Repertoires Picture Gallery History Scores Members
Other names: Longshoremen, Bonnie Scotts
Member Name Section Years Involved
Adams, Warren Contra Bass1985
Arnone, Sam Baritone1982
Baer, Harry Baritone1996 to 1997
Barnes, Sean Soprano1976
Bender, Andrew Frank Bass Section1948 to 1963
Carpenter, Shawn Contrabass1995 to 1996
Celsky, Keith contra1999 to 2001
Celsky, Keith Contra1999 to 2000
Soprano 2001
Decker, Josh Mellophone1996 to 1997
DERR, SKEE SNARE1959 to 1972
Dressler, Wendy Soprano, Drum Major1991 to 1993
Evanish, Lisa Guard2000
Fawber, Jim Baritone1974 to 1979
Honor Guard1984 to 1985
Headley, George Lead Soprano1984
Hinkle, John Instruction1987 to 1989
Hoffnagle, Jr, Don Color Guard Flag1983
Hoover, Mark Percussion (Tenors)1980 to 1990
Percussion (Pit)1991
Humm, Scott drumline1981 to 1983; 1992 to 1993
Johnson, Scott Percussion (tenors)1994
Johnston, Larry Guard1992 to 1997
Kirkwood, James lead soprano1982 to 1983
Knisely, Deb contra1992 to 1999
Kralowetz, Rob Soprano1982
Krauss, David Snare1977 to 1980
Kulp, Sayre Bass Drum, Snare, Pit1998 to 2001
Manhart, Craig soprano1968 to 1971
McDougall, Sara Colorguard2001
McPherson, Jay Contra1997
Menear, Bob Lead Soprano1980 to 1982
Min, April Soprano, Staff1990; 1993
Morningstar, Mark Drumline (Tenor)1985 to 1986
Morris, Damon Soprano1988
Musser, Jim Drumline1959 to 1960
Neidinger, Jim soprano1982 to 1992
Neubold, Michelle Colorguard1992
Pelton, Walt Baritone1980 to 1982
Pezzuto, Stephanie Colorguard2000
Ream, Jeff percussion(bassline)1989 to 1996
Schneider, Kirk Marching Staff1980
Percussion Staff/Assistant Drum Major1981
Marching Staff1982
Schomburg, Rick Drumline1976 to 1983
Shatto, James Euphonium1998
Shatto, James Hornline / Euphonium1998
Stahl, Mike hornline1984; 1987 to 1989; 1991; 1998 to 2000
Stansfield, Scott soprano1995 to 1996
Sweney, Gregg Lead Soprano1980
Thompson, Mike Baritone1974 to 1975
Townsend, Anna Colorguard2000
Troutman, Meri Beth cymbal line1978 to 1980
Visser, John Hornline/Barri1996 to 1997
Vogel, Tim Honor Guard1999
Williams, Ryan Baritone1995 to 1997
Williams, Ryan Baritone1995 to 1997

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