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Corpsreps.com is now DCX

The best Drum Corps Xperience on the Internet

Please go to dcxmuseum.org to view the new site.

Statement from Chris Maher, corpsreps.com founder
In 1995 I became interested in interactive websites. Technology was still in its infancy but I developed what was the first version of Corpsreps.com. The site was a hobby/learning project, limited to the Top 12 DCI corps, and run off my company website. I used this site to show a client how interactive websites worked and pitched the idea of an insurance system that ran in a web browser. Shortly after launching my junior corps site, I was contacted by my good friend Ron Allard about doing the same thing for senior corps. I copied my setup and put his site under my company website. In 1997 we decided to merge the two sites and I bought the domain Corpsreps.com. The site continued to grow beyond anything I originally planned. Scores were added, pictures, narrative history. Twenty years into this project, I partnered with Steve Vickers of Drum Corps World, collector and historian Bill Ives, and others to create Drum Corps Xperience.

DCX leverages the data I've spent a couple of decades collecting along with collections from Vickers, Ives and others to create the biggest historical resource for fans of the drum corps activity. With an all new mobile-friendly interface, DCX presents this historical information in the concept of a virtual museum. You navigate through DCX by going into different galleries as you would with a museum. But unlike a physical museum, the same item might appear in multiple galleries. Interested in 1970s drum corps? Go into the History by Decade gallery and find the 1970s gallery where you will find repertories, photos, scores, uniforms, a nd other historical resources from that era.

Curious about what drum corps looked like in the 1930s? Go into the Shows gallery and pick Historical Videos. Do you want to see some cool uniforms? Try the Collections gallery and pick Uniforms. Would you like to read the extensive history books created by Steve Vickers? They are here in full in the Publications gallery. Or would you like to see what we have on your favorite corps? Just enter the corps name in the search box in the upper right, then explore repertoires, scores, photos, collections and other items.

I am very excited about this evolution of Corpsreps and hope you will find hours of enjoyment at DCX.

For now, the Corpsreps Facebook page will continue to exist. Over the next few months (or years) I will be thinking about how to repurpose Corpsreps.

Chris Maher
Founder Corpsreps.com

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