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1983 Scores for Ventures Kitchener, Ontario
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1972 Did you march Ventures?
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Position: 30
Score: 53.05

Repertoire unavailable

Scores for 1983
July 8 DCI Canada Prelims Hamilton ONT DCI 13 35.350
July 10 Erie PA DCE 5 37.250
July 22 Drum Corps East/World Open Class A Lynn MASS 2 49.200
August 4 Midland PA DCI 2 61.800
August 12 Dublin GA DCS 6 39.800
August 17 DCI World Championships Open Class Prelims Miami FL DCI 10 55.050
August 18 DCI World Championships Quarter Finals Miami FL DCI 18 53.050
August 27 Canadian Nationals Championship Waterloo ONT ODCA 1 63.600

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