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2007 Scores for Mystikal Newbury Park, CA
Active Junior Corps (Open Class) founded in 2004 Did you march Mystikal?
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Position: 308
Score: 74.95

Olympia  The Ancient Gods
Repertoire unavailable

Scores for 2007
June 20 Bakersfield Sounds of Summer Bakersfield CA DCI 2 50.650
June 22 Western Corps Connection I Riverside CA DCI 3 43.200
June 23 Corps at the Crest Walnut CA DCI 3 49.500
July 14 So-Cal Clasic Long Beach CA DCI 5 60.300
July 15 Drums Along the Pacific Calabasas CA DCI 5 60.450
August 2 Southwest Corps Connection II Tucson AZ DCI 5 68.700
August 3 Sounds Along the Colorado Lake Havasu City AZ DCI 5 71.900
August 4 The DCI Division II & III Championship Preview Bakersfield CA DCI 9 70.350
August 7 DCI World Championships Division II & III Prelims Pasadena CA DCI 8 75.525
August 10 DCI World Championships Division II & III Semifinals Pasadena CA DCI 8 74.950

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