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1973 Scores for Annunciators Cambridge/Somerville, MA
Inactive Junior Corps Did you march Annunciators?
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Other names: St. Mary's Annunciators

Ferry Cross the Mersey by Marsden, Gerry
America The Beautiful by Ward, Samuel A. on Americas Greatest Hits - Platinum Distribution - #3660 ASIN: B000000BMS
Yankee Doodle by Traditional
When Johnny Comes Marching Home by Gilmore, Patrick Sarsfield on For Me and My Gal - Movie Soundtrack - Turner Classic Movies 72204
Green Howards by Ord Hume, James
Traces by Buie, Buddy; Cobb, James; Gordy Jr, Emory

Scores for 1973
June 3 Sponsor: St. Anthony Revere MA Eastern Mass 1 58.350
June 10 Sponsor: St. Anthony's Imperiales, Antoinettes, Queens, Marauders Everett MA CYO 2 61.750
June 15 Sponsor: Jeanettes Lynn MA Eastern Mass 2 57.350
June 16 Sponsor: Golden Rays, Golden Rays Jrs. Stoughton MA CYO 3 56.850
June 17 Sponsor: Royal Jades Hudson MA Eastern Mass 2 59.350
June 20 Sponsor: IC Reveries Revere MA CYO 2 68.300
June 23 Sponsor: IC Everett Everett MA Eastern Mass 2 62.900
June 24 Sponsor: Holy Family Defenders Rockland MA CYO 1 62.400
June 27 Sponsor: Debonnaires Norwood MA CYO 3 62.800
July 6 Sponsor: Imperials, Imperials Jrs Pembroke MA CYO 3 60.500
July 7 Sponsor: Spartans, Elks Trojans Nashua NH Eastern Mass 3 57.600
August 5 Sponsor: Royal Gems Newburyport MA Eastern Mass 3 61.850
August 30 Sponsor: St. Francis Sancians, Mariners, Marinettes Weymouth MA CYO 3 61.450
September 2 Eastern Mass Finals Somerville MA Eastern Mass 4 63.050
September 8 CYO Finals Somerville MA CYO 3 64.850

The schedule information on our site reflects our current understanding of the plans of the various circuits. Be sure to check with the circuit or show sponsor as the schedule is subject to change.

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