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2002 Scores for Kiwanis Kavaliers Kitchener, Ontario
Inactive Junior Corps founded in 1971 Did you march Kiwanis Kavaliers?
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Other names: merged with Tampa Bay Thunder (2002)
homepage: http://www.kavaliers.com
Wikipedia Page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kiwanis_Kavaliers_Drum_and_Bugle_Corps

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Position: 20
Score: 75.9

Hall of Justice
Spider-Man by Elfman, Danny
Flash Gordon
Jonny Quest Theme by Curtin, Hoyt S
Selections from Batman by Elfman, Danny on Batman Soundtrack

Scores for 2002
June 20 Spirit of America Jacksonville AL DCI Atlantic 4 50.600
June 21 Dothan AL DCI Atlantic 4 53.000
June 22 DCI Orlando Orlando FL DCI Atlantic 6 52.200
June 25 Winston-Salem NC DCI Atlantic 6 58.450
June 27 Capital Showcase Herndon VA DCI Atlantic 5 59.650
June 28 Music in Motion Lansdale PA DCI Atlantic 6 62.450
June 29 Music in Motion Clifton NJ DCI Atlantic 6 63.400
June 30 Beanpot Invitational Beverly MA DCI Atlantic 6 63.300
July 2 Bridgeport CT DCI Atlantic 6 64.850
July 3 Summer Music Preview Bristol RI DCI Atlantic 8 61.750
July 6 Hershey PA DCI Atlantic/DCA 6 62.300
July 7 Music and Motion Cortland NY DCI Atlantic 5 65.300
July 8 Ogdensburg NY DCI Atlantic 5 67.450
July 10 Adirondack Drums Glens Falls/Ft. Edward NY DCI Atlantic 5 68.700
July 11 Hornell NY DCI Atlantic 5 67.250
July 12 Buffalo NY DCI Atlantic 6 67.950
July 13 EXHIBITION Waterloo ONT ODCA 0  
July 15 Lawrence KS DCM 4 67.600
July 16 Enid OK DCI 5 65.800
July 20 Southwestern Championships- Afternoon show San Antonio TX DCI 9 69.400
July 23 Wichita KS DCI 7 71.950
July 25 Evansville IN DCI 7 70.750
July 27 Midwestern Championships - 1:00PM Event Indianapolis IN DCI 8 71.650
July 29 Three Rivers SUMMER MUSIC GAMES Pittsburgh PA DCI 4 74.300
July 30 Lake Erie Fanfare Erie PA DCI 5 73.500
July 31 Drums Along the Mohawk Rome NY DCI 5 75.700
August 3 Eastern Classic Philadelphia PA DCI 11 74.200
August 4 Pro Football Hall of Fame Festival Canton OH DCI 7 73.800
August 8 World Championships Quarterfinals Madison WI DCI 20 75.900

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