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Friday June 22, 2007

Riverside CAWestern Corps Connection ISTADIUM: Riverside Community College WHEELOCK STADIUMDCI
PositionCorpsScore Repertoire
1 Blue Devils 78.650 Winged Victory
Bird and Bela in B Flat (2nd Movement) by Sebesky, Don
Celebrare Celeberrime by Vine, Carl
Introduction to Rite of Spring by Stravinsky, Igor
Pegasus by Levy, Hank
Firebird Suite by Stravinsky, Igor
The Kiss by Torke, Michael  
2 Santa Clara Vanguard 78.050 !(Eureka)
Introduction (from Daphnis and Chloé) by Ravel, Maurice
War Dance (from Daphnis and Chloé) by Ravel, Maurice
String Quartet in F Major - 2nd Movement by Ravel, Maurice
Romanian Dance for Orchestra, Sz. 47a by Bartok, Bela
St. Gregory the Great (from Church Windows) by Respighi, Ottorino
Finale (from Daphnis and Chloé) by Ravel, Maurice  
3 The Academy 69.550 The Chase
The Chase
The Villain
The Hero
The Woman
At the Jitterbug Club
The Love Theme
The Chase/Conclusion  
4 Mandarins 64.950 Dragon Dance
Tea in Chinese Camp by Curiale, Joseph
Call of the Mountain (from Gates of Gold) by Curiale, Joseph
Shadow and Light by Curiale, Joseph
Battle in the Forest (from House of Flying Daggers) by Umebayashi, Shigeru
Jubiliation Dragon Dance by Dun, Tan  
5 Pacific Crest 63.850 What Happens in Vegas
Viva Las Vegas by Pomus, Doc; Shuman, Mort
Love for Sale by Porter, Cole
Angel Eyes by Dennis, Matt; Brent, Earl K.
Luck Be A Lady (from Guys and Dolls) by Loesser, Frank  
1 Gold 51.900 Spanish Gold
2 Impulse 51.650 Shichi
Music from Final Fantasy by Uematsu, Nobuo  
3 Mystikal 43.200 Olympia  The Ancient Gods
4 Velvet Knights 42.900 X (Ten)
Blister in the Sun by Gano, Gordon
Magical Mystery Tour by Lennon, John; McCartney, Paul
Mirror in the Bathroom by Cox, Andrew; Charlery, Roger; Morton, Everett; Steele, David; Wakeling, David
Add It Up by Gano, Gordon
Hide and Seek by Heap, Imogen
More Cowbell by Matsen, Clint; Hiburn, Craig
Burly Brawl (from the Matrix) by Davis, Don; Reactor, Juno  
1 SoCal Dream 61.238 "Dreamscapes"
The Collective
First Contact
The Battle  

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