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DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR SCORES FROM 2017. Please e-mail current season scores to scores@corpsreps.com.

We are working on building our database of scores and welcome your submission. In the form below, please enter all the information you have - required fields are noted. Do not include exhibitions or cancelled contests. Be sure to follow the formatting instructions exactly so that your submission will be processed properly. For all entries we prefer proper case rather than all uppper or lower case.

If you have a correction to a contest already in our database DO NOT USE THIS FORM. Please send an e-mail to scores@corpsreps.com. Be sure to note the contest date, city and other identifying information.

Please enter the date of the show. If the show took place over several days, use the last day of the competition or enter each day as a seperate event. If you don't know the exact date but have the year, you can enter the date as January 1st of the year. Please enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format - be sure to use a 4 digit year. *
Most shows have a name. While not required, identifying the name of the show helps with our search features.
Enter the City and State of the contest. For the state, use the postal abbreviation.
If the show was run by a Circuit, please enter it here.
The system will display the name of the stadium if it is in our database. If you know the name of the stadium where the contest took place, please enter it here.
Please enter your e-mail address. It will not be displayed anywhere on the site but may be necessary if I have a question about your entry and need to contact you.

* = required field
Please enter the corps and scores here.
If you have any additional notes or comments about the show, please include them here. Information on recaps, caption awards or explanations of an unusual happenings are all appropriate.
If you are an experienced user with entering scores, you can use our express form which collects all the same information but does not have all the explanatory text. Note that there is no error checking with the express form, so please check your work carefully before submitting.

The schedule information on our site reflects our current understanding of the plans of the various circuits. Be sure to check with the circuit or show sponsor as the schedule is subject to change.

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